Pimpinan UMM

Head of UMM


1. Rector is the leader and has main responsible toward UMM.

2. The Rector to manage in organizing of education and teaching, researching, community service, and other supporting activities, and conduct guidance toward lecturers, students, academic support personnel, and administrative staff.

3. The Rector in his performing duties based on applied regulation;

4. The Rector in his performing duties is assisted by several Vice Rectors.

5.  If the Rector has an unpermanent excuse, the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs to act as the Acting Rector.

6.  The Rector and the Vice Rector are appointed and dismissed by the Muhammadiyah Central Executive based on consideration of the UMM Senate, the Muhammadiyah Regional Leader and  the Assembly of Higher Education.

7.  If the Rector has permanent excuse, the UMM Senate will elect the Rector until the end of term.

8.  the detail of the Rector duties and the Vice Rector shall be regulated in the Organization and the Administration UMM.

9.  In his performing duties, the Rector may appoint an Assistant Rector based on needed and interest of his duty aspect;

10. The requirements and procedures of the Rector and the Vice Rector election will be managed further within University Regulation.


The Rector in his/her performing leadership, has some duties:

a. To coordinate the organizing  of education, researching, community service and the development of Al-Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan;

b. to manage all UMM  wealth and utilize it optimally for UMM interest;

c. to conduct guidance toward lecturers, academic support personnel, administrative staff, and students.

d. to cooperate with other parties;

e. to join into debt agreements on behalf of UMM based on applied regulation;

f. to make strategic plan for a period of 4 (four) years;

g. to make the Annual’s UMM Budget.

h. to make work program and Annual’s UMM Budget;

i. to make and deliver Annual Reports toward the Muhammadiyah Central Executive.