Rector's Welcome Speech

Assalamualaikum wr.wb., 

Welcome to the official website of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang!

The University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) collaborates on various learning systems to produce graduates with maximum capacity and skills. Students are not only prepared to be individuals with the best versions of themselves, but also with adaptive abilities in the competitive work life.

Together, we will continue to oversee this acceleration. Continuing the culture of achievement under the leadership of our predecessors, we aim to generate the best generation for Indonesia Emas 2045.

In the spirit of Merdeka Belajar (Freedom to Learn), UMM students are given the freedom to develop themselves, both academically and non-academically. Emphasizing the Campus Merdeka program, UMM also equips students by combining classroom learning with practical experiences in the field. One of them is through the Center of Excellence (CoE) program or specialized classes.

This program is part of the Center for Future Work, where students are encouraged to be innovative, multi-talented, and ready to face competition in the job market. Students not only graduated according to the competencies of their study programs, but they were also equipped with additional skills in other fields. There are more than 50 CoEs available, ranging from Islamic Banking, Tourism and Hospitality, Village Accounting, Orchid, Education Consultancy, Welding Inspector, Corporate Law School to Arabic for Translators. This is solely aimed at fostering independence from an early age for the golden generation.

This initiative has successfully achieved national and international accolades, from winning the first prize in the Robot Contest in the United States, innovations in unmanned aircraft, tracking radar, and road damage detection systems through image programs that have earned Silver medals and a Special Prize from King Abdulaziz University in Korea, and many others.
In addition, UMM students have also created beneficial masterpieces for society, including the Colorful Village of Jodipan and Glass Bridge Ngalam to Bukit Pelangi in Ponorogo, and various other community service roles.

Evolving since 1964, UMM currently offers 66 study programs, including 37 undergraduate programs, 13 postgraduate programs, 5 doctoral programs, 5 vocational programs, and 6 professional programs. In 2022, UMM achieved Excellent Accreditation (Unggul) (2022-2027). Most of UMM's study programs have been accredited A and have achieved Excellent predicates. In addition, UMM has received the Excellent Campus Award (AKU) 14 times in a row and the AKU Kartika Award 3 times from Kopertis Region VII East Java.

Internationally, UMM has been recognized as the Best Islamic University in the World 2021 according to UniRank, 3-star(*) QS-Stars from QS World University Ranking, and the Best Private University in East Java according to the 4 International College & University ranking (4ICU).

This series of successes has made UMM increasingly recognized as a prestigious institution nationally and internationally. We are committed to provide a comprehensive academic experience for our students.

Through the integration of technology in various areas, the diverse activities of the academic community, from academic services, financial services to administration, run more effectively and efficiently. There are also supporting laboratories for agriculture, business, health, and hospitality, including UMM Farm, UMM Gas Station, UMM Hospital, Surya Medika Sumbawa Hospital, UMM Medical Center, UMM Dome, Taman Sengkaling UMM, BPR Rinjani, Kapal Garden Hotel, and Rayz Hotel UMM. These also serve as profit centers to alleviate student study costs and enhance the quality of education at the White Campus.

This is our commitment to equipping our nation's youth. We aim to produce knowledgeable, ethical, cultured, and future world-class leaders ready to advance our nation.

Welcome aboard! Let's grow together, let's realize our dreams, and let's contribute to the greatness of Indonesia as we approach Indonesia Emas 2045.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Prof. Dr. Nazaruddin Malik, M.Si.