Campus Life

                                                                                        Foto: Rino (Humas)
UMM students who come from all the provinces of Indonesia and more than 10 countries represent a diverse range of backgrounds. UMM’s motto, “Dari Muhammadiyah Untuk Bangsa”, shows UMM’s commitment to make higher education is available for people from all cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds.
Students study with enthusiasm at UMM in order to achive their goals. These may be based on individual interests, the interest to develop the country, family interests or other interests. Therefore, they look for a university that can fulfill their ideals and expectations. At UMM, students will find lecturers, employees, and fellows to share love and sorrow during studying. Therefore, they have friendship which will last forever.
The commitment of UMM is not only to support graduates who have good academic skills, but also to uphold ethical values in the public life and Islamic behavior. The goal might be achieved for UMM students are taught by lecturers in an earnest, heartfelt, sincere and friendly manner through usage of complete UMM’s facilities and well education system.